Security landscape: a view from Kaspersky Lab

How well do you know computers? Or, let’s say, microwave ovens? Smartphones or cars? When it comes to answering any of these questions, there can be many different points of view. Let’s take tablets, for example. I own one, and this means that I use it for work tasks, communication, movies and music, and, not to mention, games. I know which applications I need, how to install, tune and use them. Does this mean that I’m a professional when it comes to mobile devices? Not really. An engineer will see a tablet as a combination of hardware, operating system and software, and will be able to discern a good display from a fair one by using special tools like a color calibrator. A manufacturing specialist will notice how complicated it is to combine aluminum, glass and electric circuitry into such a small device, while maintaining quality and keeping costs low.


It’s important to know the general direction in which the ever-lasting battle of cyber-good vs. cyber-evil is heading.

Things are complicated. This statement sounds  obvious, but I’m bringing this up  because there are lots of things going on behind the scenes  in many industries and on productions and large projects. Now let’s see how complicated security matters are. First, there is the software component. While one person is trying to steal or destroy your data, another is protecting you. Second are the people, the potential victims and attackers and the ways in which they interact. Third would be the hardware and market trends like BYOD, widespread Internet adoption and smart mobile devices. Your employees require new types of tools, but cybercrooks discover new ways to steal, destroy and extort money, while we as a security vendor have to adapt all of this into our protection strategy.


You can’t be 100% sure that you are fully protected from all types of threats because there are just too many of them.  I am not trying to say: “Buy our protection solution and forget about it.” It just doesn’t work like that when it comes to security, as things like employee education are as important as intelligently deployed protection products. You have to know the general direction in which the ever-lasting battle of cyber-good vs. cyber-evil is moving.


So, where to start? We have recently simplified the process of learning the key trends by squeezing all-important information into just 13 (very intense) slides. You can see some of them here and view full presentation below or directly at Kaspersky Lab’s Slideshare channel. Please know that we are always ready to provide any level of detail for you all the way from “beginner” to “engineering and manufacturing”. You can inquire at your local Kaspersky Lab office or here in the comments. Another thing that we have added are facts that will hopefully support your decision on becoming a Kaspersky Lab customer.

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